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Fundadoras Afrikable

Mercedes Cascarejo and Lola Sierra are Afrikable founding partners. They were working in Oxfam Intermon´s Fair Trade Deparment since 2006 when, in early 2009 they travelled to Kenya to meet the small producer groups they were regularly cooperating with. They saw firsthand the work of small Kenyan fair trade organisations, like Mango True Mirage in Machakos district or Bombolulu in Mombasa. Such organisations offer decent works to socially disadvantaged producer groups and people affected by some type of disability, as in the case of Bombolulu.

Equipo Mango True Mirage

(Mercedes Cascajero with the Mango True Mirage Team, in Machakos, Kenya)

In Lamu, an island in the north coast of Kenya, they saw firsthand the situation of social and economic exclusion experienced by most women in the area. This was the driving force that motivated them to found Afrikable: wanting to contribute to improve the quality of life of these women and their families.

During 2009 they travelled to Kenya several times to study the viability of the project. They met future beneficiaries, political and religious leaders and different government bodies, both Spanish and Kenyan. Besides, they analyzed the impact that a project led by women and for women could have in the men´s community of the island. The result of this year of study and research could not have been any better: the acceptance was unanimous.

Entrevista beneficiaria Afrikable

(Lola Serra during the first interview to Fatuma Hassan, one of the project´s beneficiaries. With them is Khadija Hassan, the current ONG director in Kenya, acting as a translator)

The project took shape: having as main goal women social and economic empowerment, they would use Fair Trade as a tool for cooperation to achieve women economic development, through the creation of different producers groups, which would be offered a decent work, training, education and assistance to its children.

From the beginning, volunteering was used as a force to achieve a real change in society. Being able to share the project with other people and making the curiosity of some that wanted to take part in a cooperation project a reality were the basis for the development of a Solidarity Holiday program. Thanks to this program the child development areawould be funded, through the creation of a refectory and a school for children in extreme poverty and risk of social exclusion, both free, that would ensure, in turn, women involvement in the project.

Jimudu Grupo Productor Textil

(Lola and Merche with Alberto, who is an Afrikable volunteer in Spain since the NGO beginning, and the initial textile producer group)

On 1 de November 2009 Afrikable was officially created as an association, with the support of Marisa Vicente as the third partner of the organization. Thanks to the contribution of a team of volunteers that shared the same values as them and thanks to a 6000 Euros grant given by Telefonica Foundation, Afrikable project was launched.

Initially, 10 women were integrated into a textile workshop. They were, together with their 15 children, the total beneficiaries of the project. Currently, Afrikable offers training, literacy, jobs and support to almost 50 women in extreme poverty and social exclusion risk through four different production workshops: textile, recycling, maasai jewellery and footwear. More than a 100 children benefit from the child development area through the free school, the free refectory, after school workshops and/or education scholarships.

AFK collage

Translator: Estefanía Rodríguez


Afrikable is a Spanish charitable organisation, registered in the National Register of Associations under number 1/1/594088 and in the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)'s Register of Non-Governmental Organisations under number 2033.


In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


  • Lamu, Kenia.
    Madrid, Spain
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