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Shamba de Afrikable (terreno del proyecto)

Afrikable facilities are in the town outskirts, around 15 minutes away on foot from downtown, in idyllic surroundings with palms and mangoes.

Currently, we have three independent buildings

Edificio escuela infantil y comedor

The Nursery School cottage, where the kids who benefit from the project have their lessons. In this cottage, there are also the project kitchen and dining room service, which is free of charge as the school, which benefits over 120 children who live in extreme poverty in the area.

Antigua escuelita infantil, actual taller

The former nursery school in Makuti, used as a workshop by the project beneficiary women, while we are looking for funding in order to build a long-lasting material cottage.

Edificio Vacaciones Solidarias 1

Edificio Vacaciones Solidarias 2

Solidarity Holidays cottage, which is currently formed by three rooms with a top capacity of 4 people in each room, plus an extra room for the project coordinators.

Ducha y lavabos en el edificio de Vacaciones Solidarias

Every room has a fan, a toilet, a shower, and two sinks, which guarantees fluidity when it comes to personal hygiene.

Habitaciones del edificio de Vacaciones Solidarias

The rooms are very spacious and they have bunk beds, mosquito nets, towels, sheets, etc. They are comfortable but simple rooms, since we can’t forget the fact that we’re talking about a cooperation project in Africa.

Zona común en el edificio de Vacaciones Solidarias

In the facilities, there are several common spaces, such as the dining room and the kitchen. There are running water, electricity, and an electric generator to cover the basic needs in case of supply interruptions.

It has to be taken into account that the streetlight is reduced to the main street, which means that, in order to walk in the alleys at night and to go back to the facilities, a flashlight is needed. In return, experiencing an incredible releasing feeling and enjoying an amazing starry sky are guaranteed :)

360 ° virtual tour the facilities and bedrooms


Afrikable Facilities




Translator: Sara Vivarelli


Afrikable is a Spanish charitable organisation, registered in the National Register of Associations under number 1/1/594088 and in the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)'s Register of Non-Governmental Organisations under number 2033.


In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


  • Lamu, Kenia.
    Madrid, Spain
  • +34 605 722 162