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Mariamu Thomas

Mariamu Thomas has been working for Afrikable for more than 2 years. Her life before, she says, was not that bad. She made bracelets and sold them in the market. She sometimes made a lot, and sometimes a little, but she could earn €40.00 per month. Her husband has another house in Amboseli, and every year his wives take turns living with him in Lamu. In Amboseli life is very hard, but since working for Afrikable, she is able to bring money home and her husband allows her to stay in Lamu all the time.

She sees big changes in her life; she now earns an average of €140 per month and gets sick pay, which is different from when she worked alone. “What I like most are my classes where I learn to read and write. Before I never knew and I thought I would never learn. Now I am 40 years old and I can make a phone call without having to get help” 

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