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Saturday, 05 September 2015
Published in PROMOTION

Tips for your return. Remember: if you want, this can be just the beginning: we will tell you how if you keep reading.

Before starting your Solidarity Holidays I am pretty sure you asked yourself:

ü  What are the reasons for me to choose a Solidarity Holidays?

ü  What can I expect from this type of holidays?

There are a lot of questions in your head before starting the trip. You look for information, you read, you ask questions, you go to the information session on the program...We can assure you that the adaptation process when you arrive to Lamu is very fast, not to say immediate. Once you arrive you feel welcome and when you start with the project you feel home, but...What happens when you go back to Spain? Today we want to make some recommendations so your involvement does not end because, if you want this is just the beginning.

A piece of you in Lamu

Enjoy and give everything you have until the last moment. Do it for you, for the other volunteers and, of course, for the women and children you have shared so much during your stay. Get ready to say goodbye or see you soon, this is up to you, cause you know a piece of you will stay in the island. Don´t be afraid of being generous, it is in good hands.

When you come back to Spain, give yourself a few minutes every day to digest your experience, to reflect and remember the moments you lived. Don´t forget you can follow the life of the children and women that have showed you the meaning of the word "Fight". You can do it through Facebook and Twitter, with hashtag #livelamu. You will be able to see the progresses of the project but also how the children grow.

Keep in mind not everyone lives a Solidarity Holidays as you did. Only you know what you have lived so when you feel nostalgia, say thanks to yourself for having made that decision and think about actions to stay in touch with what you lived. There´s many ways for you to participate from Spain. Those actions help us keep the project and we would like you to cooperate.

A piece of Lamu in your home

When your holidays come to an end you leave a piece of yourself in Lamu but you go back home with a lot more new pieces, but the kind of magical pieces that you cannot touch...If you want to have a tangible bit of Lamu at home, here you have some ideas on how to prepare a space where you can remember Africa. At the same time, you will be helping the project cause what is around you has been made by Fatuma, Mariam, Ralia, Rukiya, Esha...This way you can have them a little bit closer.

Productos Afrikable

ü  For the bedroom: Elephants and flowers patchwork quilt. Hand-embroidered on a black background. Dreaming with elephants means wisdom, strength, good luck and prosperity. It is associated with solidity and respect for others so... Lama salama!

ü  For the living room: Dress up your table with the kanga tablecloth plus four napkins. Put colour in your table and share dinner and conversation about your holidays with your loved ones.

ü  For your corner: A carpet so your feet step on Lamu. Woven with plastic bags, it recycles 340 plastic bags and gives one woman one fair work week.

If you are a part of the lucky ones who are starting their holidays, don´t forget Solidarity Holidays aren´t only for summer. We're also waiting for you in autumn.

Author: Estefanía Vera | Translator: Estefanía Rodríguez



Afrikable is a Spanish charitable organisation, registered in the National Register of Associations under number 1/1/594088 and in the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)'s Register of Non-Governmental Organisations under number 2033.


In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


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