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Friday, 11 May 2018
Published in PROMOTION

On May 12 we celebrated the World Fair Trade day.

In Afrikable we bet on the Fair Trade as a key tool to get women’s economic empowerment..

During 9 years we’ve been working and creating opportunities to many african women and their families, accessing to a decent job, training professionally and growing together to start to own their own lives.

Putting their faces and hearts to what’s behind the elaborate product; Hope, justice, professionalism and above all empowerment, such as Khadija Hassan that started making recycling products and now she is the project’s manager in Lamu.

Khadija Hassan

Or Mamá Madina, (Madina mother), one of our “grandmothers".

“Madina mother does not remember how old is she, more than 60 she says. She had 10 children but two of them have already died. She tell us that nobody hires somebody of her age, and much less to a woman that also does not know how to read or write.

She is very happy with the new sandal’s Project because she sees that her work is important. She takes care of apply glue to the pieces, dyeing, and apply polishing wax and polishing the sandals.

With the salary that she earns, she can bring food home and to buy medicine to her sick husband. She also can pay the school for her children and even she can send one of them to highschool”.

Mama Madina

And the same as them, even more women, Anonymous heroines, tireless fighters that thanks to the Fair Trade, they have been improving their lives and those of their families.

From Afrikable we know that there is another way to make economy, to make a fairer and sustainable world to everyone.

As consumers we have that big power in our hands, valuing not only the economics but also the social and ecological.

We want a new global economic order with a fair Exchange, a sustainable social and ecological development, of quality of life for today and for the future, definitely, responsable and solidary consumption.


Afrikable - #SomosComercioJusto


Author: Merche Cascajero | Translator: Rubén Duarte

Thursday, 21 August 2014
Published in PROJECTS

Ladrillos Solidarios es el nombre de la nueva campaña que ponemos en marcha en Afrikable. Con ella pretendemos conseguir toda la ayuda económica posible para la construcción de un Taller de Calzado que garantizará el trabajo diario de las mujeres empleadas en la ONG. El taller formará parte de un futuro Centro de Formación y Empleo, un edificio en proyecto que nos permita seguir creciendo y apostando por el empoderamiento de la mujer en riesgo de pobreza extrema y exclusión social en Lamu (Kenia). 

¿Cómo colaborar con nosotros a través de Ladrillos Solidarios? Es muy sencillo. Cada ladrillo que necesitamos para la construcción del taller cuesta 5 euros. Ésta es una pequeña cantidad, pero lo bueno es que ¡tú decides! y puedes comprar cuantos ladrillos quieras. Recuerda que cuántos más tengamos, antes podremos hacer realidad nuestro objetivo. A cambio, Afrikable pondrá tu nombre en la pared del Taller de Calzado como reconocimiento a tu ayuda.

Si estás dispuesto a ayudarnos, entra en esta plataforma y realiza tu donativo. Ahí encontrarás más información sobre el proyecto. También es muy importante que hagas llegar a todo el mundo nuestro mensaje. Amigos, familiares o compañeros de trabajo pueden colaborar...y es que ¡la ayuda de todos es clave para construir conocimiento en Lamu!

La campaña finalizará el 31 de octubre, pero ya estamos deseando llenar las paredes de Afrikable de ladrillos solidarios. 

Sunday, 16 December 2012
Published in SHOP

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Encontrarás todos nuestros productos, y muchas novedades más....¡no te las puedes perder! 

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Afrikable is a Spanish charitable organisation, registered in the National Register of Associations under number 1/1/594088 and in the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)'s Register of Non-Governmental Organisations under number 2033.


In Kenya our association is called Afrika Able Organization and is registered with Kenya's NGO Coordination Board under number 10976.


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    Madrid, Spain
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