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Andrés Garcia

“The three weeks of volunteer holiday I spent with Afrikable on the island of Lamu were unforgettable.

The arrival by boat to the island with the dock full of expectant people; the games of football with the children from Afrikable’s school during playtime; the narrow, long streets in the old town of Lamu; the women of the shamba making baskets from plastic bags sitting in the shade of a canopy surrounded by sand and palm trees; the walks in the silence of the night or along the seafront; the happiness of the children swimming at the beach; the coconut juice and Osman's squid; the fishermen in their boats; the clay figures and the paper planes that the children from the school made; racing up the dunes of the deserted Shela beach; the dusk and the dawn in the island of Mandatoto; the talks with ‘papa’ before sleeping…

All these experiences have stayed engraved on my mind and made me go back to Lamu a year later. As things happen in threes, I know I will go back again”

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