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Jorge Burón, a Political Science student at UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid), shares his experience during the fourth and last talk of a four-part cycle on Rights, Freedom and Democracy, from the point of view of politics he will undertake for Afrikable’s women beneficiaries, as part of his internship in the area of women empowerment in Lamu.

"In the last talk I don’t know if we have closed a cycle or started what could be a beautiful and hard road that must be walked always looking straight ahead and surpassing all obstacles that inevitably stand in the way.

It is difficult to analyse how this has happened and how it has evolved from the first day when we were strangers and we saw each other for the first time, until today that I know their lives and they greet me by my name, they hug me and kiss me. And even when I tell them that it’s my last day, that I’m going back to Madrid, they tell me: ‘Jorge hakuna Spain, Jorge hapa Lamu’. This time some tears were shed.

What has happened here in between? What have we achieved, if we have achieved anything? Will it be useful or will it be forgotten? Will they think about their lives and their children’s lives differently? Do they dream of a better world now or do they have nightmares when they feel the inequality even more? I don’t know the answer; I don’t think they are the right questions.

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No one came to teach anyone. But for a month we have talked and thought about our lives, how they are, how we would like them to be and what we could do about it. Without lessons of any kind or master classes, I think we all have learned something in what I have always liked to call talks, because that’s what they were. Beautiful talks between strangers that have become friends and that I think now look at the world a little bit better, at least more objectively, with more perspective. We know the rights and freedoms of Kenya better, but also the wishes of human beings, the social, safety and freedom needs. What democracy means, what our real concerns are. And that we live in worlds that are so different they are almost opposites and we are almost the same because we are very much alike when we start talking about these things.

I’m really sad that it’s over.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to participate. Asante sana! Sincerely. Badae! See you soon :)"


Author: Jorge Burón | Translator: Sonia Moscardó

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