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Out of sight... out of mind, they say. Well, we don’t know about that what is certain is poor eye sight means not getting the full potential out of a lesson, not being able to do small tasks like sewing or simply not being able to recognise people who greet us down the street or not being able to read something (those who wear glasses know what I’m talking about).

Visita oftalmologos 01

Well in Lamu is no different, on an island of sun, sea and sand we can get an idea of how many eye problems there are. Most of this problems can be solved with one simple gesture, by wearing glasses, but of course in Lamu is not that easy, since we are faced with a significant lack of quality ophthalmology or optical services. The vast majority of the population have never got their eyes checked and don’t have access to glasses like we do. Therefore, at Afrikable, we did not hesitate one second when the chance arose to collaborate with Fundación Cione - Ruta de la Luz. The answer was immediate: OF COURSE!.

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And thus Sebi and Jessica came to Afrikable, two volunteer opticians who for a week gave their all checking the eyes of as many people as possible, both of people who came to Afrikable and people from villages who because of their age or state of health could not move. Giving people the opportunity to see clearly for the first time. It was so exciting to hear the “Wow!” they let out when they could see everything clearly.

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With this ophthalmology campaign, more than 400 people got their eyes checked and about 140 glasses were ordered, both eyeglasses and sunglasses (let’s not forget we live on a sunny island), thus promoting the health of Afrikable’s beneficiaries and the rest of inhabitants of Lamu. We can’t wait to see everyone with their glasses and how they improve people’s quality of life. Children will be able to see the blackboard, women will be able to sew, get more out of their alphabetization lessons and many more improvements.

We can only say ASANTE SANA! Fundación Cione - Ruta de la Luz for this project and for helping to improve the lives of Lamu’s women, men and children..

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Author: Irene García-Durán | Translator: Sonia Moscardó

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