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Fatuma Hassan

Fatuma Hassan has worked for Afrikable since the beginning. Her life was very hard before; her husband left her during her last pregnancy, leaving her alone to care for their 6 other young children, who were sick. She earned her living selling firewood, for which she used to earn about 50 cents a day. None of her children could go to school. She can now pay school fees and feed them well. Her two oldest daughters, aged 15 and 17, are married and are mothers. She now wants a better life for her younger daughters. She wants them to stay at school and go to university. “I still remember how much effort it took for me to learn how to use the sewing machine. I never thought I would get it, but here at Afrikable everyone supported me and I eventually managed to learn. Now I can sew any product in the store and also clothing for my children”

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