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Great progress in Afrikable facilities Featured

In the last few weeks, Afrikable facilities in Lamu had great progress. Thanks to the effort and hard work from the whole team, we have accomplished major milestones.

On the one hand, we have water in the kitchen (we would like to thank Miguel Santolaya and Miren Estrellas for their effort). You wouldn’t believe how happy the cooks are!.

Avances Agua Cocina

On the other hand, we finished the school bathroom, the sink in the dining room and the school walls.

Avances Banyo escuelita

And to top it off, we are preparing our own vegetable garden. We can’t be stopped!.

Avances Huerto

If you would like to know the rest of the facilities, please read this post.


Author: María Carrió | Translator: Celi Pecorelli

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