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Afrikable Stage Play: FATUMA AND THE PUNDA Featured

Thinking about some new ideas for the project, we decided to prepare a little stage play, so children could have a great time laughing of our rookie swahili and also learn about waste disposal. We met the expectations, the audience was thrilled and the actors were delighted.

I, as the donkey, had the magical feeling of receiving instead of giving, something big moved me, I enjoyed it and I didn’t need anything else but that moment.

Obra Fatuma Punda 01

We did it with and for women and children of Afrikable. They gave away their smiles, turning something small into something big.

For a moment, you forget about everything else and you think about the joy, their lifestyle and the small things that you will cherish. You just want to stop time, and relive it a million times, hear their laughs and remember their eyes wide open.

Obra Fatuma Punda 02

Maybe at the end, we didn’t have the big round of applause that we were expecting, but you could see it in their faces. The magical feeling when you think that you don’t need anything else will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Obra Fatuma Punda 03

Maybe that applause was meant for them, maybe we should be the audience, and maybe their lives deserve to be applauded...

Obra Fatuma Punda 04


Author: Beatriz Suena | Translator: Celi Pecorelli

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