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Paqui shares her experience in Afrikable with the high school ‘Sevilla Este’ Featured

Paqui Cabeza, a volunteer taking part in the programme Solidarity Holidays, has organised a talk in the high school ‘Sevilla Este’ in order to share her experience as an Afrikable’s ‘holidayer’.


"The last 18th of March, I was given the chance to organise a talk for the high school students in ‘Sevilla Este’ in order to share with them my experience in the programme ‘Solidarity Holidays’.

The opportunity arose thanks to Inma, their Philosophy teacher, who invited me to the school, which I joyfully accepted since it means that I can share a little bit of what I experienced and felt in my stay in Lamu. The students showed a great interest on my story since they have been working on the value of solidarity too throughout the academic course. And what could ever work as a better example than Afrikable to fully represent those little solidarity gestures that become real changes for people?.

The students were truly impressed with the job carried by the women, with the force they would convey, and they showed a great interest about their life and their families’ conditions; they asked questions about fair trade, how the island was, how they would feed themselves, and many other.

It was very moving for me because of the fact that I recalled one of the best experiences of my life and also because I gave an example of a social project I had participated in. Being able to get them closer to the women and kids in Afrikable has been very rewarding, as well as showing them that there is another way to do things, that another world is possible.

I hope to have contributed, even if it is in the slightest, to encouraging them to collaborate in some activities in their community. I am sure some of them already have."


For more information on the talk, you can visit the school blog.


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Translator: Sara Vivarelli

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