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Belén shares her experience in Afrikable with Luis Braille School Featured

Belén Morillo, a volunteer taking part in the programme Solidarity Holidays, has organised a talk in the school Luis Braille, in Malaga, where she teaches, in order to share her experience as an Afrikable’s 'holidayer'.


"I have always been sure about the fact that, when becoming a volunteer, I would be the one receiving and being helped the most, as well as getting much more that I could ever offer, and I was not wrong.

This way, my experience in Afrikable filled my bag with unforgettable moments, kind faces, thankful looks, knowing smiles, honest laughs, and loads of love. I understood what happiness is about and learned the true value of things.

I learned so much that I thought I should share it with tons of people, for which I gathered all the students in the school I work at, as well as the teachers, and I told them my experience and everything I had found out thanks to all the amazing people I had the opportunity to know.

It was actually quite touching and gratifying, and I really enjoyed it. Both the adults and children were full of questions and wanted to know it all about my adventure in Kenya and about life there too. I took them by the hand around a short walk through Lamu and its people, through Afrikable’s work, and through my personal experience by showing them some pictures and videos.

I think this may be the best way for me to thank for everything I have received, by sharing my experience with everyone, by raising curiosity and awareness, by bringing cultures closer, by abolishing stereotypes, so that, among all of us, the world becomes a better place."


After the talk, and on his own initiative, a year 2 student, Daniel -8 years-old, wrote a beautiful letter we encourage you to read. Click here to download Daniel’s letter.

Carta de Daniel Colegio Luis Braille

Daniel’s letter


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Belen charla cole 04


Translator: Sara Vivarelli

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