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On Friday 17th I visited the Public School María Doña de Los Palacios, in Sevilla.

I visited 4th and 5th grade students to tell them my experience in Kenia, and specifically in Afrikable.

Last year, I was lucky to meet this great family that lives in Lamu Island, Kenia .It was one of the best experiences I ever had in my live and of course it changed forever the way I see things. This is how I understood the importance of sharing what I had learnt.

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I started by telling them my experience in Masai Mara, since all kids love animals and are impressed by the possibilities of being near a free lion or elephant in Africa. We have lost the custom of knowing and living with wild animals, privilege that you have if you live in this amazing country.

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Then, I told them about AFRIKABLE, how and why this great project was created. I showed them pictures of women working. They were impressed by the women’s dresses and handkerchiefs with thousands of colors perfectly combined, of their elegance and beauty.

They were impressed that the babies were there with their mothers. Here in Spain, we also lost the tradition of juggling work and taking care of the baby. Nevertheless, I told them that women help each other so they can work from 8am until 5pm and look after their children.

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The also loved the school, very different from the Spanish school regarding infrastructure, but very much the same in content.

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I did the same when I was on vacation with Afrikable, and spoke about Spain to the kids. I compared the kids’ interests in each city.

In Lamu Island, the kids asked about the food, the games, and the weather. But in Spain, the kids asked me if they had cellphones, tablets or computers.

Amazed, all of them listened to me for over an hour and a half and asked a lot of questions..

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I don’t know if I was able to transmit my experience, but, as my coordinator Marta says, nothing happens on the outside, it happens on the inside.

I tried to transmit the joy, the everyday smile, the good morning greeting, the illusion of every activity that we did with them and the happiness that I came back with.

I hope that they got the message and that one way or another they will join this big family.

Asante Sana.


Author: Ana Fernández Quiroga | Translator: Celi Pecorelli

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