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Lamu: destination towards happiness for the holidays Featured

Here we have four situations that will make you smile thanks to the Volunteer Holidays’ program with Afrikable:

1. The arrival and the greetings: The welcome to the tourists in Lamu is a mix between fun and surprise. The inhabitants of Lamu will take care of embracing the visitor with a sample of effusiveness. You will hear “karibu” from the autochthonous’ mouths: a word that will accompany you during a good part of the trip. You will also hear “jambo” or the familiar “mambo”, which will serve as a greeting at any moment. This gesture is still present in Lamu and it is appreciated. In addition, it makes you smile.

2. The laughter of the little ones: As soon as you arrive to the Afrikable’s school, you will notice the contagious laughs of the little ones. Kids in Lamu do not stop smiling. They will not only transmit their laughter but they will also teach us a lesson of humility and enjoyment of life facing the problems.

3. Donkeys have priority: As a famous Swahili proverb says, “A man without a donkey is a dumb”. So it will not take you a lot of time to realize that there are donkeys at every corner on the island of Lamu and that this animal is the common mode of transportation. One of the funniest situations is having to wait for donkeys to cross the narrow streets of the village… Everything else can wait.

4. The food, the beaches and the local people: On this small island you will realize that the little pleasures are a reason to smile. And you will do it as soon as you try the delicious local gastronomy (very inexpensive and affordable) with fish and fresh fruits, or when you have the opportunity to lay down at the beaches or to make a trip on a lateen sail boat, known as “dhow”. A trip to paradise that will make you consider life with utter happiness for a few days.


Author: Carmen García | Translator: Paula Aparicio

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