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""I do not want to leave". This is the sentence that I have heard the most during this whole year and it summarizes perfectly what you feel when you have lived the experience of Afrikable as a volunteer. This experience changes you and makes you feel that you want more. How would you not want more from this family of courageous women? More kisses like those from our grandmothers…those that sound and make you laugh like a little girl, more smiles that wrinkle the eyes, more hugs that run through the skin, more deep and complicit gazes that say "we are together and we can"…

Who was going to say to me that in September 2014, while I was preparing my backpack to go as a volunteer to Afrikable, my life was going to change, I was going to receive a lot of love, I would feel happiness within me and I was going to meet plenty of wonderful people.

Today, January 20th 2016, it is my turn to say: "I do not want to leave" and it is time to say goodbye to my family in Lamu, to my friends and mates Orma, Giriama, Maasai, Swahili, Pokomo… All different but all united, courageous, determined, feminine women who are also mothers, workers and that are making a difference in their houses and creating a new future for their sons and for themselves.

I do not know how to say thank you for everything that I have received this year. I have no words. I can only say THANKS Merche and Lola for the opportunity and the confidence that you have had toward us, for being our friends and mates besides being our "bosses". THANKS to the Afrikable team for all the dedication and effort from Spain that makes this possible. THANKS to the volunteers that invest their holidays in collaborating with us and that go home saying "I do not want to leave". Because that sentence means that they have truly known Afrikable. THANKS to all the women and children from Afrikable for making me so happy and for everything that you have given me. THANKS to Esther, my coordinator from last year, who knew how to transmit her love for this project. THANKS to Cristina and Ana for being that brave and taking one of the most important decisions of their lives. You will never regret this. You are going to do it really well! And a very special THANKS to Marta that now is my little sister (my father does not know it yet but he now has 6 daughters). Marta, thanks for existing and offering me all the affection you have inside.

"I do not want to leave" and I will not leave because we are together in this.

A thousand thanks to the team and good luck, girls, in your new adventure in Lamu. Taking care of our family is your mission :)"


Translator: Paula Aparicio

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