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What does SHARING mean to you? Featured

Sharing is something that people try to inculcate in young children since childhood, but this concept is blurred with age. Sharing what is excess for us does not have a merit. It is easy to do without something we do not need. A friend of mine always says that sharing is having less. Is that the sense we give to the word “share” here? Is that what we transfer to our kids?

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The day that I discovered the real meaning of the word “share” I was on volunteer holidays with Afrikable. My friend Marta and I went each morning to the shamba to help teachers with approximately 40 children of all ages. We provided support to teachers by helping with exercises, interacting with the kids, playing and talking with them… We tried to be one more in the group.

Marta left for Spain a week before I did. The first day without her, all of the children came to me asking where she was. “Marta had to go back to Spain”. And a shadow of sadness showed on their usual smiley faces. What a hard morning without her! But the best and the worst thing were about to come.

At 1 p.m. children left the classroom and took their food plates. When I was exiting the classroom in order to walk back to the village, the children stopped me with an empty plate and each one of them tried to put a little bit of food on my plate. They told me in Swahili that it was not necessary to go back to Spain because they could share their food with me, there was enough for everyone…

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The fact that these children (about whom we know anything they eat when they are not with us at the project) wanted to share their food so they could have tenderness nearby, says a lot about our sharing concept.

for sharing could be: accepting to give something you want or need in order to obtain something better. So, at the end, I cannot agree with my friend because sharing is having more. More than the things that really matter in life.

Author: Ana García Chaves | Translator: Paula Aparicio

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