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Cristina Sánchez Featured

"When I arrived to Lamu and especially when my feet touched the sand of the shamba and I heard: “Jambo, Jambo!” and I saw the dimension of the generosity of the human being, I understood what really matters in life. I felt like the most insignificant person of the planet. I understood that I should demolish the wall of fears and excuses that I had, which does not allow us to see the reality of the world. A world where wonderful people, affection, kindness, solidarity, offering, understanding, the survival for the life and especially all the respect and love for the others exist. To me, this world is called Lamu, a place in which they have taught me the value of life, where the smile is their flag. The only thing I can say is Asante, asante, asante sana! We we ni katika moyo wangu (you are in my heart).

I want to thank you for this opportunity of living an experience where I met incredible people, where each woman of the project (Fatuma, Maryam, Swafia, Grace, Joyce…) makes you fall in love everyday with their smiles and their enthusiasm of learning and getting ahead. It is a life lesson. And what to say about the little ones: Salim, Omar, Ali, Said, Sahara, Lolita…incredible and unforgettable. Asante sana!"

Translator: Paula Aparicio

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