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Ralia is 28 years old and has 5 children. She remembers her husband telling her, some time ago, that he was 60, but she doesn’t know how old he is now. He was her father’s best friend and when he became widower, her father offered her as his wife. She was only 15. Her husband is a good man, doesn’t beat neither her nor their children, and used to work as a watchman, for what he earned €50 per month. It was not too much, but at least they had something to eat daily. That was so, until he caught an eye infection that made him completely lose his vision, and now the whole family depends on her.

Ralia joined Afrikable some years ago through the recycling group. At Afrikable, she learned to read and write. She is a hard worker and skillful person, and whatever she sets out to do, she does it well. In the sandals project, she holds a position that in Kenya is exclusively reserved for men: she is in charge of drawing and cutting the different pieces of the sandal and of their subsequent assembly. As the first woman shoemaker in Kenya, she feels very happy and proud. We are also very proud of her.

Translator: Ara Calavia

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