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Three reasons to choose volunteer holidays Featured

First reason-Take part in life

Travelling is surprising, it enriches you, it makes you grown as a person and, above all, it is really addictive. Once you start to see the world you do not want to stop because each tour, each destination, activates your senses and when they are working at full capacity you cannot stop smiling.

What would you think if apart from the destinations you could also have the opportunity of meeting the local people? Getting inside the reality of the soil you are stepping on instead of just seeing the touristic places. Give yourself the time to sit down and chat with local people, understand their interests, their worries, their habits, their culture, give them the opportunity of getting to know you...In short, take part in life. Here you have the first reason to choose volunteer holidays in Afrikable ;-)

Second reason- From knowing to understanding

If apart from knowing a different reality and living with local people you have the opportunity of taking part in a project for international cooperation, seeing how it works from the inside, meeting the people who make it possible and meeting other people with the same concerns as you...the picture seems like these conversations during which time flies. Thoughts that enrich us and help us understand a little bit more the reality we were talking about, because through volunteer holidays you do not just get to know but to understand. Because you will support a project and you will be a part of it.

A participatory and engaged experience in which you can contribute during volunteer holidays and once you return home, because you will have the opportunity of sharing your experience with your people and become the eyes of those who have not had the opportunity of living this enriching experience. Your journey continues in the North to achieve changes in the South.

Third reason- It arouses surprise capacity

UVolunteer holidays are the perfect antidote to people who thinks they have lost their surprise capacity. If you join Afrikable volunteer holidays each moment is good to share, to learn, to cooperate, to live an experience full of smiles. It is always a good moment to be moved and to rejoice for having decided that this year holidays will be full of solidarity. A journey with start date but without finish date.

Would you like to be surprised?  Here we explain you how to participate

Author: Estefanía Vera | Translator: Estefanía Rodríguez

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