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"A few days ago, my mother asked me if I missed something, and after telling her that I did miss a T-bone steak, I reflected on it for a while. And except to talk to my family and a couple of friends, and to find out if they are doing well, I really don’t miss anything because in Afrikable I fell like at home; I ‘feel free like a shark on the sea’, as they say here.

When I talk about Afrikable, I talk about the great family of which I am lucky to feel part in Lamu, where main protagonists are the women, praiseworthy women with such fascinating lives! But they have a competitor now: ‘papa john’! My relationship with them is very special and hard to explain. Their main skill isn’t English, and even less is mine Swahili, but as if by magic you get to understand each other! And when not, Hakuna Matata my friend, and you will always find a complicity smile that fills your soul. Sometimes, instead of smiles there are guffaws, so loud that they become breathless, and so contagious that you start laughing without knowing why. I love it!

Something else that I am passionate about is kiddies, my soft spot. Trust me when I tell you that I've never felt so loved in my life. I can’t explain with words the feeling that permeates my whole body when 2 or 3 rugrats accost me in their way to the samba and don’t release me until they enter the classroom. Or when they jump on me on piggyback and I can’t escape, or even better, when I see their faces full of happiness and hear their laughs that resound in my head all the time. I must talk about Houseini, one of the smallest kids. Every day, with his eyes half-closed, he stretches out his little arms so that you can grab him and then, the only thing you want is to be morning again.

My trip mates are great, as well as the girls, who in my opinion deserve a special mention; their way of being, of understanding the women, their project and, above all, how they transmit it, is incredible, as incredible is what they do at every corner of the village and with its people. People that welcome you with their arms wide open and don’t get tired of greeting you, doesn’t matter if they see you every day, they don’t get tired! Let alone the smallest kids with their million ‘jambos’…jambo, jambo, jambo, jambo!! And their hands shake, such a special one, together with a kiss if you are lucky.

All this is just a very very small part of everything you see, fell and experience here. It’s a real gift to wake up every morning and have the chance to learn, learn to live, to be a person… in short, to grow up.

Lastly, I can only say that I am very very happy here and that the only thing that upsets me is knowing that shortly I will have to say goodbye to all this. See you soon!".

Translator: Ara Calavia

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