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A book in your hands before your solidarity holidays Featured

At the beach, at the swimming pool, at the park... any place is okay to start your journey to Africa, because there is nothing better than warm up the engines and learn about the culture of the country, its traditions, its people. What about doing it with a reading session? That´s why today we recommend you four books for you to get ready before your Volunteer Holidays. Besides, they will certainly be good travel companions to deal with the flight hours and waiting times at the airport. ;-) Don´t turn the page cause we begin now!



  Ebony Ryszard Kapuściński

Kapuściński has been called the best reporter of the century. This Polish journalist believes the genuine journalism is the intentional, the one that aims to produce changes in the world, a way of thinking that is reflected in his writings. This book has 29 chapters narrated in the first person in which he describes chronologically the adventures he lived in Africa during his stay in the continent as a journalist (1957-1990). Inside this book you will find the ability of the author to bring together the History (wars, coups, revolutions) with the stories of the people that he finds along the way.



Oceano Africa

 Africa Ocean, Xavier Aldekoa

In his book, Xavier Aldekoa, a journalist who works for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, takes Kapuściński as his reference and, throughout 21 chapters, he takes us to the Africa he has experienced as a reporter in the continent for more than a decade. He says this is not a book about Africa but a book from Africa in which the stories are a reality and its protagonists have proper names.

Inside the Volunteer Holidays program, Kenya and woman are interconnected. Those are two of the topics treated in this book. When Xavier speaks about Kenya, he shows us its less kindly face through the refugee camp Dadaad, on the border with Somalia. When he talks about women, he describes them as the forgotten heroes of Africa and the future of the continent.


Algun dia escribire sobre africa

 One day I will write about this place, Biyavanga Wainaina

Poverty, diseases and conflicts or wonderful landscapes, animals and sunsets. Too extreme, right? That is what the Kenyan writer and journalist Biyavanga Wainaina thought when he wrote a letter to the editor to Granta magazine. In this letter Wainanina talked ironically about the way Westerners write about Africa. This is how this book emerges. It is an autobiographic story in which Biyavanga shows the evolution of his life to show us a different Kenya, the one nobody writes about and the one that does not receive media coverage. The author visits Lamu and describes it in an episode in which you get to know a little bit more of the island.


Bajo el sol de kenia


 Green city in the sun, Bárbara Wood

Barbara Wood, English writer, takes us to the colonial Kenya through Treverton, an ambitious lord who starts to build a coffee empire in Kenya without respecting the country rules and traditions. He does not care about traditional wisdom. That is the reason why he will have to face Wachera, the sorcerer of a native people, whose curse will mark the future of his family and the whole story.

Author: Estefanía Vera | Translator: Estefanía Rodríguez

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