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"My name is Julio. Three years ago I took the step of being a solidary traveler in Afrikable and achieve one of my dreams, this was know Africa. Everything began when my mother bought a Masai bracelet in a solidary market of those who the NGO makes.Investigating in internet I knew the project and without any hesitation, I called to reserve. At the beginning you have many nerves and doubts but when you arrive to Lamu island (Kenya) everything result being more easy. The women, children and all the town give you welcome with open arms.

In the different months that I have been helping, I have had the possibility to take part in the diverse areas of the project. When you work with the women you learn a lot of them. You realize the strength and the urge that they have to support their families. In many cases you do not share the same languages with them, but you make a special conexion that allow work jointly.

Being with the children is very rewarding, always they receive you with a smiles and hugs. Even in your worst days they bring out the best in yourself. Seeing them everyday you realize that to be happy you do not need big luxuries.

Something that I love of Lamu that It have influece of many cultures and live together different ethnicities. This makes that the island have a great cultural wealth. You have the possibility to introduce and learning about its diferents religions.

Every time that I come back of Lamu I feel a diferent person for all the values that I learn. I consider that I have family there. Every day I wonder for the women. the townspeople and how are going to evolve the children. This experience has changed my life fully. I have met wonderful people, both local people, solidary travelers or tourists. Also I have made big friends that I never forget.

I encourage any person to join at the project of solidary holidays. You never forget it.

Hugs, Julio"

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